Yarn & fabric sourcing

Texmy takes pride in providing customers with yarn and fabric sourced from high quality companies all over the world. Our yarn products are 100% cotton ring spun yarn, lycra and pure polyester and various other yarns which are depending on our customers requirements. Our experience in the textile industry allows us to efficiently user our resources and partnerships to provide our customers with various types of product solutions in order to help them make high quality products at lower costs. We also give top priority in providing first - class services in order to fully understand customers needs.

Thus the sourced yarn and fabric are used effectively throughout the process of garment manufacturing.


Finest Yarn Sourcing

At Texmy, Yarn is sourced from top class companies who have high repute in the textile manufacturing industry. The sourced yarn is inspected before using by our experienced and qualified personnel using modern machinery to meet our clients quality requirements.

The same process is followed after the yarn and fabric is processed into garments which includes strict quality check before supplying to our customers. For all practical purposes, Texmy Garment unit has all the pre-requisites and machinery for full fledged design, production and testing.

Make a Material difference

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