Texmy studio

Texmy studio is a well equipped design studio which creates a version of style for the garment industry. Every design at Texmy is an arrangement of putting out creative ideas on paper or through a three dimensional CAD design. The designs could be industrial, graphic design and fashion design. We also show you more options as we stock the best of the best to give your creativity free reign. To be more specific, our designers adore the fuller colors, precise detailing and also apt contrasts to create fresh garments with refreshing design.

The designs thus created at Texmy studio are translated on to the fabric using high precision specific equipments which can render exactly the same as the original pattern.


Unleash your creativity

Creating a design is one of the important component in the elements of garment design. Our principles are flexible and are integrated with the context of current fashion. The design can be line , shapes, colors and texture that can create a visual image in which all these elements are combined.

The designers at Texmy studio are very skilled and they have the best of experience in creating designs which are very apt for the current fashion trend. The designs thus created are translated into clothes items after understanding the pieces needed, the way to cut them and the way to assemble them. 

Make a Material difference

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