Quality assurance

Quality assurance is defined as all those possible planned and systematic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence than a product or service will satisfy given requirements for quality. The quality assurance section is assigned to maintain consistency for uniform quality of the material in process & various stages of garment manufacturing. In the garment industry quality control is practiced right from the initial stage of sourcing raw materials to the stage of final finished garment. Texmy ensures all the quality assurance steps are diligently followed and practiced all throughout the process.


Quality assurance at its best

Quality assurance builds quality into each step of the manufacturing process including designing, production, and beyond. Apparel garments, accessories, and other textile products are assessed for quality in the preproduction phase, during production, and with a final inspection after the product has been completed.

Quality control is also followed at Texmy as assessing for quality after products have already been manufactured and sorted into acceptable and unacceptable categories. This has also been strictly adhered to right through the process to ensure the quality control is always followed throughout the process.

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