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Textile manufacturing or production is a very complex process. The range of textile manufacturing is so long. It starts from fiber to finished products. It includes spinning, weaving, dyeing + printing + finishing , quality assurance and then testing process. In addition to these processes, there is a process of bleaching where the original color of the textile is removed by chemicals or direct exposure to sunlight making the textile pale or white. They can also be starched where the fabric becomes strong and it is also made wrinkle free. The entire production process is followed & monitored diligently at Texmy through skilled & experienced professionals.


From Fibre to Fabric

The production processes involve sourcing finest yarn and fabric, making the garment, testing the product, implementing the design and finally dyeing and dispatching the garment This ensures that every metre of the product leaving our production represents highest quality.

This area of expertise has passed through decades of experience and generations in the family. The parameters followed over years are highly unique and the palette is exclusively kept for Texmy. This highly skilled process followed is essential to creating beautiful garments of high quality.

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