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Fabric dyeing

Dyeing in textiles is a process in which color is transferred to a finished textile or textile material (like fabric and yarns) to add permanent and long-lasting color. It can be done by manually or by using machines. Dyes can come as powders, crystals, pastes, or liquid dispersions, and they dissolve completely in an aqueous solution like water.A dye must be water soluble in order to dye textile materials. It may be soluble by nature of its chemical interference. When the textile and the dye come into contact, the textile is completely saturated by the dye and colored.

Dyeing is governed by three factors, the dye, the fiber and the dye liquor. All the three lead an independent assistance which influences the technique of dyeing. A success of a dyed fabric depends on the all of the above mentioned parameters.

Process flow


Bulk dyeing depends on the lab dip which plays an important role in the dyeing process. A sample using the lab dip process is done by experienced technicians at Texmy.


Dyeing quality is governed by our expert team by the selection of good quality raw materials like bulk chemicals, auxiliaries and dyes which are Azo free and Eco friendly in nature for processing.


Our full-fledged quality assurance laboratory has all equipments for in-house quality testing along with computerized color matching system thus achieving finest results.


Fastness to rubbing, washing, heat and light are few of the testing procedures done during inspection. Resistence to all of the above is tested, inspected & approved.

Ways of Dyeing

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