Fabric Testing

Fabric testing plays a crucial role in gauging product quality, ensuring regulatory compliance and assessing the performance of textile materials. It provides information about the physical or structural, chemical and performance properties of the fabrics. We have explained will give different types of fabric testing methods and their nature of test, sample size, required instruments.

The following are 4 major processes which are followed at Texmy to ensure testing & quality assurance in the garment manufacturing area.


Color fastness

We can define colorfastness as, having color that will not run or fade with washing or wear. That characterizes a material’s color’s resistance to fading or running. Clothing is colorfast if its colors and dyes do not bleed or run from the clothing. Clothings is  tested for colorfastness before using any type of bleach or bleaching solution, or strong cleaning product. Colorfastness is very important factor for buyer and it is a strict procedure followed at Texmy.



Rubbing fastness

It is one of the most important testing methods in the dyeing industry. It is an offline quality assurance system to know the ability of the dyed fabric against dyeing or staining. This helps in fixation of the dye with the fabric. The test is performed on both dry and wet fabric. The rubbing property of the textile material is measured by comparing the tested fabric against a grey scale and staining scale. Thus rubbing fastness is achieved in Texmy.

Fabric PH

During the dyeing process, the measurement of pH is critical. The pH of the dye bath dictates how deep the dye penetrates into the  fabric; the higher the pH, the deeper the dye penetrates. After the dyeing process, a pH measurement of the final product can be used to ensure all chemicals have been thoroughly rinsed from the fabric.



Water fastness

Color fastness to water is designed to measure the resistance to water of dyed, printed, or otherwise colored textile yarns and fabrics. Different tests like water repellant chemicals, drop test are performed on the dyed fabric to ensure fastness of the fabric to chemicals.

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