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A Global Leader in Textile Industry.

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About Us

Texmy is one of the leading apparel manufacturers in TIrupur in India with a decade - long experience in clothing manufacturing. Texmy operates with the motto of delivering excellence in price, quality and delivery with a state of art production facility which is exclusively built to execute large orders. Texmy is headed by technocrat who has more than one decade of experience in engineering and contract manufacturing.

We have contracted manufacturing apparels for a grand list of clientele across India allocating 60% of our resources to domestic orders and 40% to International orders.

Tamil Nadu's Leading Textile

20years of experience

What We Do

  • Garments

    Texmy stepped into the garmenting in 2009 with the vision of standing out from the run - of - the - mill styles and to provide a full range of apparel solutions to all consumers with a production capacity of 5000 garments in a day through 150 sewing machines.

  • Fabrics dyeing

    At Texmy, the Fabric dyeing unit possesses an experienced team, dedicated and backed by fully equipped state - of - the art laboratory with the capacity of producing 80 tonnes of fabric per day which are rendered to most of the reputed export houses in India.

  • Yarn dyeing

    Texmy has a reputed dyeing house of all kinds of package of yarn dyeing in southern India. With the state - of - the art manufacturing setup, the techniques used by Texmy give the desired results. Our capacity is to produce 10 tonnes of dyed fabric per day.


Texmy studio

Texmy Studio is the design studio of TEXMY group of companies that has been at the forefront of design and product development. Texmy Studio provides it's clients with various design support – such as CADD – for Plaids & Prints, Trend analysis, Life style presentation.

We are proud of the fact that we offer a one-stop-shop solution for design and product development to our customers.

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Our Processes

Indian garment industry plays a very important role in the Indian economy. The export contribution is 11% of the total export. We are explaining in detail all the processes involved in the Garment industry which includes Design / Sketch, Sampling, Costing, Production Planning, Maker Making, Fabric Spreading, Cutting, Sewing, Stitching, Thread Trimmed, Washing, Finishing, Ironing, Packing, Folding, Other Processes, Final Inspection, Dispatch.After completing all the processes, the garment is dispatched to all the export houses in India & abroad.

  • Design Studio

    At Texmy, the sampling Studio is well equiped with CAD and Designs are integrated through printing and sewing machinery thus producing various kinds of designs on garments.

  • Yarn & Fabric Sourcing

    In this process, raw material is procured after the order is received. Raw materials like Yarn, Threads & Packing materials are sourced from renowned mills all over the world.

  • Production

    Production stage is very crucial for any garment unit and Texmy has all the kinds of Sewing, Ironing machines to ensure less damages during the production phase.

  • Quality Assurance

    After completion of all the aboe processes, the pieces are checked by quality checker to ensure that garments are being made as per buyer's quality standards.


Why choose our services?

Founded in 2010, Texmy works with the vision of bringing technology and transparency to the forefront of manufacturing garments thus providing end - to - end solution for their clients. Our in house team experts handle everything right from sourcing to shipping with utmost care and diligence. Our experienced team of designers, seamstresses and managers hold our companies pride. We have partnered with Startup brands, Established brands and Enterprise brands and we are committed to help in building your brand. We believe that your experience and understanding is as important as ours and we continue to educate and grow the apparel industry. We achieve this by associating with the start up brands to get their ideas unfold into finished products.

Tamil Nadu's Leading Industry

20Years of Experience


Customer Rating

  • Startup Brands

  • Established Brands

  • Midrange Brands

  • Enterprise brands

Our Industry

Texmy industries has carved out a niche in the global market and earned its reputation through its durability, quality and beauty of the garments they produce. With the help of technological advancement and sophisticated machinery, Texmy offers its customers well designed garments and with better quality. The high levels of fashion consciousness these days has also made Texmy the need for producing garments which are exclusive and unique in the market. Texmy has a complete industrial base of Garments Production, Design Studio, Yarn unit and a Dyeing unit.

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